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  • Rockey Africa Ltd specializes in the sale of construction machinery products and related spare parts, such as bulldozers, road machinery, concrete machinery, industrial vehicles and more

    Construction Equipment

    Construction Equipment

  • Rockey Africa is a leading vertically integrated company dedicated to providing solutions and products for geothermal power, wind power generation, solar and bio energy.

    Energy Solutions

    Energy Generation Equipment

  • We provide mining equipment for open pit and underground mine applications. Technologies that enable fleet management, drilling & blasting, loading, hauling, dozing, truck assignment, material tracking and operator management.

    Mining Equipment

    Mining Equipment

  • Your source for superior quality, custom engineered, electrical power generation equipment for the entire power industry.

    Power Solutions

    Power Solutions

What we do?

Featured Products

  • Evolution Solar Energy Los Angeles County

    Solar Panels

    Solar panel refers either to a photovoltaic module, a solar thermal energy panel, or to a set of solar photovoltaic(PV) modules...
    1 3MP HD Camera Skyway 65776.1344957510.1280.1280  25430.1410908926.1280.1280

    Solar Powered CCTV Security Cameras

    Wireless Solar Powered CCTV Security Cameras are used when there is no power at the local site or it is a remote site miles away. Our...
    220px Sao Paulo Ethanol Pump 04 2008 74 Zoom

    Biofuel Power Stations

    Most transportation fuels are liquids, because vehicles usually require high energy density This occurs naturally in liquids and...
  • 1024px STM Stirling Generator Set

    Biomass Stirling Engine

    Stirling engine capable of producing electricity from biomass combustion heat. the  heat engine that operates by cyclic compression...
    Power Plant

    Geothermal Power Plants

    Most power plants need steam to generate electricity. The steam rotates a turbine that activates a generator, which produces electricity....

    Heat Pumps System

    A geothermal heat pump or ground source heat pump (GSHP) is a central heating and/or cooling system that transfers heat to or from...

Who we are


Rockey Africa Limited is a leading company in government and Non-Government Contracts and Supplies. We provide world-class service and expertise to deliver the best supply solutions.  A strong network of experts in the private and public sectors, both in Kenya and abroad, keep us abreast of local and international technological developments so that global standards of best practice are met.

What they say about us!

  • Rockey Africa is the future, their  team was very professional and innovative. Their products for my solar project were as per my needs and the quality was top notch. Thank you rocky for helping me save on power.
  • Our Core Values

    is not an empty word

    Deliver world class customer service.

    • Place customers first-without customers we cease to exist
    • Know our customers and understand their changing needs
    • Treat our customers the same way we would like to be treated

    No excuses

    • Be proactive and resourceful -find a way
    • Deliver on our promises with integrity-be results driven
    • Be courageous, make the impossible possible

    Raise the bar

    • Achieve the unthinkable
    • Excellence in execution, benchmarked against world class standards
    • Zero tolerance for mediocrity


    • Aggressively seek out new opportunities
    • Build new businesses and financial markets
    • See opportunity in adversity

    People focus

    • Treat colleagues with respect and dignity
    • Use our talents and work in teams to pursue idea
    • Own our own personal growth and development
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